Tips for Staying Cool

In the summer months, children and the elderly tend to struggle the most with symptoms of heat exhaustion and dehydration.  The experts here at Popcare Plus have compiled some tips to help you and others stay cool and safe when temperatures soar.

drink-waterDehydration occurs when you’re using or losing more fluid than your body is taking in.  It’s highly common (especially for athletes or active children and adults) to become dehydrated in the summer because the body’s necessary fluids aren’t being replaced.  Mild dehydration can be often be reversed by replenishing fluids – drinking H2O – and allowing your body to recuperate; whereas, more severe cases of dehydration require immediate medical treatment.

Symptoms of mild/moderate dehydration include dry mouth, sleepiness (or less active children), thirst, decreased urination, headaches, constipation, dizziness or lightheadedness.  If you are unsure of the symptoms, you can always call or visit Popcare Plus here in Franklin, WI for more detailed information.  Symptoms of severe dehydration which may lead to an emergency can include extreme thirst, extreme fussiness or sleepiness in infants and children or irritability and confusion in adults, low blood pressure, very dark, little, or no urination, rapid heartbeat or rapid breathing, fever, and in the most serious cases delirium or unconsciousness.

Like dehydration, there are two levels of “body overheating.”  Heat exhaustion (heat stress) can be common for both those who experience a lot of activity during the day, such as children, as well as those who are minimally active such as the elderly.  It often occurs in regions with high temperatures and high humidity, and simply staying in the cool shade, wearing light clothing, not exerting energy in high temps, and installing a window A/C unit can make all the difference.  Heat exhaustion can quickly lead to a life-threatening heatstroke if the body’s temperature rises to 103 degrees Fahrenheit or above, so it is vital to know the signs and stay cool and hydrated.

The key for summer safety is to know what the weather is going to be and act accordingly.  Make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day, and check up on friends and neighbors who may require some extra assistance when the thermometer rises.  If you have any questions, call on the professionals at your local walk-in clinic Popcare Plus in Franklin, WI for more details on how to stay safe and stay hydrated!


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