Keeping Summer Fun Safe: Bike and Water Safety Tips from Popcare Plus

Warm weather and sunshine is gracing us in Franklin, WI!  It’s time for kids to enjoy the outdoors.  Riding bikes and swimming laps offers kids vital exercise, a fun new way to explore, and a new level of freedom.  With added freedom comes new dangers, so here are some bike and water safety tips from Popcare plus to keep your family’s summer fun as safe as possible!

Bike Safety

child-on-bikeBikes & Helmets – Encourage the proper wearing of CPSC helmets every time you or your child rides their bicycle.  Straps should be fastened snugly, the helmet should be level on your head, and hats should never be worn underneath a helmet.  Bicycles should be the appropriate size and style or adjusted for each rider, and children shouldn’t be pushed to ride a two-wheeled bike until they’re ready.  Coordination is key for a safe ride!

Follow the Rules – Always ride on the right side of the road with traffic, make eye contact with drivers, and follow all traffic signals.  Always stop before crossing the street, and use appropriate hand signals to indicate turns when additional traffic is present.

Be Safe, Be Seen – Wear bright or reflective clothing to be seen easier, add lights and reflectors in the evening.  Shoes should always be worn while riding, and sneakers help grip the pedals.  Avoid baggy pants, untied shoelaces, or other clothing that may get caught in the pedals.

Water Safety

Adults – Around pools and open bodies of water, children should receive your undivided attention with toddlers always at arm’s length.  Teach kids to never go near water without an adult present, and if several adults are present, designate at least one to supervise, switching every 20 minutes.


Pool Rules – Reduce risk and increase safety by teaching kids to walk slowly in the pool area, swim with a buddy/adult, understanding the pool depth or ocean riptide signage, and to not roughhouse, push or jump on others while in or near water.

Flotation – Use flotation devices approved by the Coast Guard.  Many toys float, but are not safety tools.  Educate kids on staying at a depth they are comfortable with, and avoid entanglement hazards like drains, grates and areas with suction.

Last, but not least, consider learning CPR.  CPR can be the difference between a life or death situation, and information and local courses are readily available.  For more guidance, contact Popcare and learn the best ways to protect your family this summer, and in case somebody does get hurt, stress less and know that you are in the most capable of hands with the team at Popcare Plus!

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