Chris Konicek
With warm weather quickly approaching Wisconsin, families are ready to welcome the wonders of spring like green grass and beautiful blooming flowers back to the Midwest.  However, the new breath of life for Mother Nature can quickly turn into frustration for allergy sufferers.  With outdoor allergens like plant pollen and mold spores floating around un-welcomed...
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When you’ve got a little tickle in your nose, do you reach for an allergy nasal spray?  What if that nasal spray that you use each time you get a sniffle or sneeze is not good for you?  What if, in fact, you’ve become addicted to it? Urgent care clinics like Popcareplus in Franklin are...
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POPCAREPLUS WAS RECENTLY FEATURED IN AN ARTICLE BY THE MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL. SEE BELOW FOR THE ACTUAL ARTICLE: Eric Adar, an emergency physician, regularly sees patients who could be treated in other settings but who come to emergency departments because they can’t get care elsewhere. Many can’t get an appointment with a doctor on short notice...
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